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I claim that evolution has been misused by athiests to create a world where God is deemed unecessary.

Jesus effing Christ you're nuts. 

Look dude, a scientific theory doesn't have any other goal than explaining how facts fit together.  That's it.  It isn't meant to destroy you, or to harm you in any way.  The FACT is, however, that the theory of evolution (purely as a by product) DOES make God completely unnecessary; in much the same way that the germ theory of disease makes the 'possessed by demons' theory unnecessary.  Don't you see that if you were hopelessly emotionally attached to the demon theory, you would react EXACTLY the same way when presented with the germ theory? 

Every single discovery we make, and every theory that science comes up with makes God more and more unnecessary.  I don't see why evolution is such a hang up for you.  They all destroy the need for God.  All of them. 

You do not seek truth. You use psuedo-science to try to make everything materialistic. You use your belief system to mock and ridicule those who know God, without having any "science" or "empiracle"  evidence to support your world view.

Laughable.  The same science that gives you every creature comfort you've ever known is the science that gives us evolution.  It works.  Evolution is true whether you like it or not.  It doesn't care what it does to your mythology. 

We mock your belief system because it deserves mockery.  It's ridiculous.  You should be mocked.  Openly mocked.  Believing in God is like walking around with your fly down all day. 

You who profess athiesm have hijacked science in order to promote your own world view.

Atheism isn't a world view.  The sum total of atheism rests in just a few words (I don't believe you) that we wouldn't even have to utter if you Christians would stop being so stupid. 

You are not seeking truth, you are seeking majority, claiming that your way is better.

And this is a problem for you because for centuries, religion has held all the power and now you're starting to lose it.  That's good.  Looking back at the past few thousand years, this world would have been a LOT better off without your the trash that is organized religion. 

The very Idea that man is getting better is not scientific, nor is it evolution. We are notmarching towards "superman" as Dawkins would lead you to believe. There is no ultimate Human, evolutionary science insists this is not possible.

The very fact that you wrote this for other people to read shows that you don't know anything about evolution.  Nobody, and I mean NOBODY is saying that man is marching toward a 'superman' state.  That is NOT what evolution says is happening.  Not in the least. 

We are, however, marching away from stupidity and toward understanding.  Science has given us that.  The only people holding us back are the people like you who are stuck in their ignorant mythologies. 

Yet athiests are ok with the destruction of all those who are unwilling to hold to their tennets of faith.

We don't want you to die.  We just want you to grow up. 

So live in your self delusion

The delusion is yours.  Science works.  It's real.  Religion doesn't.  It's fake. 

But realize that your faith is directly responsible for most of the death destruction and dehumanizing of people currently in the world.

You'd really like to believe that wouldn't you?  Too bad it's completely false. 

But if you'd like to stick with this, show me your evidence please.  Show me where atheists are causing death and destruction in the name of atheism around the world.  Show me.  If this is your claim here, then prove it with some evidence.  And while you're at it, if you'd like to see some evidence that RELIGIOUS faith is responsible for much of the terrible things that happen in our world, I give you this...  http://i.imgur.com/FUDKZ.jpg

Zoom in on it and scroll up and down.  It's just a small taste of the shit we atheists have to put up with. 

You're just wrong rhocam.  You're wrong.  God is not real.  Wake the hell up. 
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