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I understand, quite well how the mechanisms of evolution work. I see no point in discussing them

If you understand the mechanics of it, then please make a reasoned, well thought out refutation of the theory that does not involve any form of "I don't understand how evolution could possibly be responsible for life in all it's forms, therefore... God did it."  Almost every argument you've spoken about in this thread boils down to that one sentence.  Please understand, your projecting your own personal ignorance onto us as if we are all as equally ignorant as you. That's simply not the case.     

What I disagree with is the atheistic evolution belief that it is enough within itself to explain life.

It isn't.  The question of how life started still looms large (though science is making headway on that question every day).  We don't quite know how that happened yet, but what we DO know is that once it started, evolution IS enough to understand how we got to where we are right now.  As you've been told about fifty times now, you are combining the two as if they are the same.  You should stop.  It's just embarrassing for you now.

It must be also sad to realize that once you are dead no one will miss you. You wont even miss you.

This is an emotional appeal that holds no weight in an argument about what is true versus what is not.  We may wish to live forever, and be with our family and friends when we die, but that doesn't mean we should pretend that's what happens.  In fact, I think that's pretty childish.  Grown ups tend to accept reality for what it is, no matter how good or bad it makes us feel. 

Feel sad for us if you wish, but don't think for a second that we envy you.  Yours is an infantile position.  You are stuck in perpetual puberty, unable to grow up and face reality.  If you want to know what's sad, it's that.   

Yet you study and try to gain knowledge, for what? to have it rot in the ground with you.

Because it's awesome, that's why.  Why do I eat hamburgers?  Why do I have sex with my wife?  Why do I study evolution?  The answer is all the same.  Because those things are awesome. 

Yes, that knowledge will rot in the ground with me.  Acknowledging that doesn't make it any less important to me right this minute, or the next minute, or the next. 

Evolution as a faith is dead, for it does not even know why it is alive.

And God is a fairy tale that was born out of ignorance and fear... and it doesn't even know it's dead. 
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