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You sound very intelligent here Median but there are flaws in your argument as well.  I should be well schooled in evolution by now participating on this forum with all the experts on the subject.  You buy right into it because you don't want there to be a God or a Creator. 

No.  Not even remotely.  We don't buy into the theory because we have a problem with the notion of a creator.  We buy into the theory because it's rock solid.  You just don't understand it well enough yet.  Our desire or lack of desire for a creator has nothing to do with it.  Even if a creator was proven true tomorrow, it wouldn't change how valid the theory of evolution actually is.  Evolution would simply be the mechanism by which the creator moved life forward. 

I am also very open to anything on the subject you wish to share.

I will keep this as simple as possible. 

Imagine there was a farmer and he had 5000 cows on his land.  He wants to breed the biggest cows for their meat.  How would he go about doing that?  It's very simple.  What he would do is get his biggest cows and biggest bulls together and mate them.  Mating big cows gives big baby cows.  In other words, the size of the cow gave it a breeding advantage over the other cows on the farm.  A smaller cow might not be mated and therefore it wouldn't pass it's small cow genes to the next in line.  Over several generations, all the farm would have would be really big cows, right?  In effect, the cows have evolved.  The process by which they did it is called 'artificial selection'.  The farmer selected the traits he wanted.   

The way it happens in nature is that sheer survival is the selection method.  A slightly faster gazelle has a survival advantage over slower gazelles and the slower gazelles die off before they breed.  Before too long, you've got a herd of faster and faster gazelles.  But at the same time, you've got lions who are also getting faster.  A faster lion can catch the faster gazelles.  See how it works? 

Over millions of generations, with small changes each time, you get large differences and different species. 

I hope that starts you on your way. 
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