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So, you do believe in a god, and for sake of discussion, we'll call it "one". Now, is this "one" seperate from the universe, or is it the universe? Is this "one" sentient?

For the first question, God is one with the universe which paradoxically is not the same as being the universe.   Keep in mind that there are limits to communication in any life form.   Discussing God is a bit like two minnows in a pond discussing the ecosystem of the earth through body language.

In nondualism, the universe is thought of in various ways.   One is that it is a changing, temporal manifestation of a deeper unchanging, eternal reality and the analogy used for this is that the universe is like waves on the surface of a deep lake.   In this case the universe is real.

But the kind of nondualism I'm into says that it is an utter illusion with no reality at all and the metaphor is that it is like a dream.   In this case the universe is a 'dream of separation' that only seems to takes place.

As for the second question, no we cannot say that God is sentient because aware/unaware is a duality and God is nondual.   For that matter existence/nonexistence is a duality so we can't even say that God is.   The only words that even get close to working are "not two" without the "God is" in front.   But even "not two" is based in duality because two/not two is a duality.  This is just a limitation of thought and language, both of which are inherently dualistic.   There is no way around it.                 

I think I speak for a good many of us here when I say... Uhhh, what?
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