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That is correct.  Though I didn't accept all the claims as true.  At first, only that Jesus lived.
There is a fair amount of supporting evidence for that.
I'd like to know how many non-Christian sources you looked at in order to get the opposing view.  Have you read any Ehrman?  Carrier?  Armstrong?  Paine?  Because I, too, took the disinterested salesman approach (read the Bible, some Ravi Z., a few apologetics books, and works by the above mentioned authors) and I have to say that it was an absolute landslide victory for the non-belief side. It's not close.  Really it's not.

What literature did you turn to during your 30 year search? 

Also, even if there was a good amount of supporting evidence that the religion was based off of someone who actually existed, there is even less evidence that he was something more than human.  There is zero evidence for that.  Unless you'd like to provide it. And keep in mind... The bible is the claim, not the evidence.  Just the claim.
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