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I was told there was a Santa Claus when I was young.  I believed it, then Ricky Nelson (not the famous one) said it was a lie.  I asked my parents.  They confirmed it.  I ceased to believe.  I was a little bummed for a while.  But I didn't seek out everyone who still believed and call them idiots and try to trash their belief as some do.  I realize the huge difference in seriousness between Santa and God.  I'm just sayin'...

It's actually a lot less serious than you think.  If that had happened with God instead of Santa Claus, you would have stopped believing in God too. 

Just think about it.  The main reason you stopped believing in Santa Claus was because a few people you trusted told you that it wasn't true.  Then, later on in your life, you didn't run into people who told you Santa Claus was real.  Easy.  Imagine if God was the same way.  Imagine that at an early age, another child came up to you and said God isn't real.  You go to your parents and they confirm it.  It's over right there.  But in reality your parents DON'T confirm it.  They DENY it.  And you keep on believing because you trusted your parents implicitly not to lie to you, and later on, you were surrounded by adults who continued to believe that God was real as well. 

What if it played out that way with your father and mothers generation?  With their father and mother?  What if that same scenario played out for generations before you?  Would that not explain exactly the way things are today?  Millions of believers still pushing the same idiocy, 2000+ years later because so few people realized that mom and dad don't know everything?     

Why is there an uptick in atheism lately?  If you ask me, one reason is because of the easy access to information that everyone has on the internet now.  The internet has become Gods' Ricky Nelson, Lori.  And people are realizing that Santa and God are equally untrue.  They're getting their information from places other than mom and dad.  And that's a big blow to the theist camp. 
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