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This is where the problem is. 

Therefore, working with the assumption that all Scripture is true, we have:

None of that stuff you posted matters if scripture isn't true.  You're currently posting on a website full of people who do not accept scripture as true.  Do you have any proof that scripture is true? I'd be interested in hearing that, because I've never heard it.  The whole thing is pretty worthless otherwise.  I skimmed it to see if you put any proof in there that scripture is true, but I didn't see any. 

What I'd like to know is why you just don't say something simple like... "Just because we have different accounts of who arrived at the tomb and what time of day it was, doesn't mean they were all contradictory... It could simply have meant that a person or two was left out in each gospel."  That's the core of your argument is it not? All that fancy shit is just stupid.  You did a lot of typing to get a point across that you could have written one line to explain. 

The moral of the story, however, is that by your reasoning, not a single one of the gospel accounts actually have it correct as to who came to the tomb.  You're making up your own gospel account taking all of them into consideration.  You are saying that all 5 of those players were at the tomb, but if we look to the author of Matthew to know about who came to the tomb, the answer he gives is wrong.  If we ask the author of Mark, the answer he gives is wrong.  If we ask the author of Luke, the answer is wrong.  If we ask the author of John, his answer is also wrong.  Are you forgetting that all 4 of those books were written by different people, at different time periods, all with different ideas about who Jesus was and what he was doing?  It makes a lot more sense as to why some people were said to be at the tomb and some were not if you look at it in that context. 

It still doesn't matter.  The whole story is a myth.  Even if there was an empty tomb, the most reasonable conclusion is that somebody moved the fucking body.  The most ridiculous conclusion is to say that he was resurrected. 
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