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Believing in God is not an easy thing to do.

I completely and totally disagree with you Junebug.  Believing in God is the ultimate easy answer to every question ever asked.  It's the 'I don't want to dig deep into the natural possibilities as to how we got here, I just want the easy answer' approach.  Learning how things really happened is MUCH harder and MUCH more time consuming to figure out. 

If you meant, 'believing in an all powerful and at the same time, an all loving God is not easy', then I agree with you, but only if you look at the facts and the evidence.  Because the evidence is massively against it.  It takes a lot of mental gymnastics to excuse away all the awful things in the world. 

I get my information on evolution and big bang theories from the History Channel and Science channels hosted by reputable scientist, and they only deepen my beliefs.

No, no, no.  Don't go there.  Some of those programs are good but some are really, really bad.  Don't take it upon yourself to try and figure out which are which.  I believe it was Screwtape who mentioned some decent starting points. 

It is without a single bit of trepidation that I say to you that if you really understood evolutionary theory, it would not deepen your beliefs.  It would give you an alternate explanation about how we got to where we are without the necessity of a supernatural being. 

INstead of explaining the holes in the theory you insult my intelligence.
Do you know how frustrating it is to talk with someone who doesn't accept a theory based on a horrible understanding of what the theory actually says?  It's one of the most tedious, mind numbing exercises in futility that exist on the planet.  Its like we have to do all the work for you.  Go do the real work yourself.  See what the experts are saying about it.  We aren't your babysitters and you're not 12 years old anymore. 

There are plenty of college grads that believe in God, I suppose they are dumb as well?
Believing in God doesn't make you dumb.  It makes you ill-informed, sometimes gullible, and naive, but not dumb. 

There is no denying that there is a spirit in every living creature, and when the outer shell wears out that spirit is released.
I deny that fully until you can prove it. 

God is my spirit guide, He brings me inner peace.
If God didn't exist but you really believed it did, this would still bring you 'inner peace'.  Just ask people of other religions who believe in other gods who get 'inner peace' from their gods.  It is your belief that he's there that gives you peace.  And why not?  Wouldn't having an omnipotent, omniscient, omni-benevolent father figure watching over you night and day be just a wee bit comforting?  This is what you've created in your brain.  It doesn't have to exist to give you comfort, you only have to believe it does. 

Religion is an obstacle that has brought man further from God.

Stop.  Stop right there.  You, Junebug, practice a religion.  Here is the definition of religion from Merriam Webster. 


1. the service and worship of God or the supernatural (2) : commitment or devotion to religious faith or observance
2. a personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices

That is you.  This is what you practice.  You believe that OTHER peoples interpretation of THEIR religion is the problem, but of course not yours, right? 

Just a few days ago I was watching a religious program called "The Supernatural." This guy claimed to have went to Heaven under a trance and received wisdom from Jesus, Isaiah, Elijah, and Moses. Needless to say it'll cost you $40 to hear what they had to say! What a Hypocrite! Not one of the programs I've seen so far refrain from begging for money! Sure I'm sure some of it gets to the needy, but you and I both know where a lot of it ends up!Oh man, people out there by the hundreds taking money from people with pictures of starving kids, it sickens my stomach. Well enough about that. Sorry.

It sickens ours too, but if you believe Jesus, Isaiah, Elijah and Moses as described in the bible all existed, then why do you think he's lying about his experiences?  Are you saying it's more likely that he's lying about it?  Why?  If he wasn't charging 40 dollars a pop, would you find him more convincing? Why is it reasonable to accept that ANYONE has taken wisdom from 4 dead people who, if they lived, all died more than a couple thousand years ago? 

But do you know why programs like that are profitable?  Because huge swaths of religious people are already very much gullible, naive and ill informed.  It often comes with the territory of being religious.  They fall for that far more easily than your average educated non-believer.  Did you know there is a man who sells pet insurance to people who believe in the rapture?  He says he will take care of your pets after you're swept on up to heaven.  And he makes money at it!  It's like candy from a baby. 

It takes a lot of courage to stand up to religious hogwash, you Atheist know this too well. Where I differ from you is that I see it as false doctrine and decided to know God on a personal level instead of writing the Ancient belief off.

Again with this?  So 7 billion people have it wrong, but Junebug has it right?  Uh huh.  I can point to a few billion people who feel EXACTLY the way that you do, and they would all disagree with your beliefs.  You should really let that sink in.  As right as you 'feel' you are, there are billions of people who 'feel' exactly the same way, and don't share your positions.

People who are deluded really have no ability to see that they are deluded.  I think Mark Twain said... "It is easier to fool people, than to convince them that they have been fooled."  Remember that. 

There is no simple way of explaining how God works in our lives, but there remains a soul inside me that has calmed since I gave God control of my life. I want to share that peace and tranquility with you.
Thank you, but most of us here have shed any need for the mental crutch that is God belief.  I don't need to believe in an invisible sky person to control my life. 

Omnipotence? I do not know the extinct of God's power. I know it's much more than my own.
Prove it.  Show me what God can do that you can't.  And you have to show that nothing... no other natural explanation could possibly trump your God theory. 

It is possible to me that there are fundamental "laws of the universe" that even God must follow.

Then who made those rules?  God's god?  If God is bound by fundamental laws, there are no miracles?  You are right... this is a hornet's nest waiting to happen.  There are so many problems with it. 

I still say it's better to offer a new and improved God than no God at all-sad attempt at sarcasm.
What you're offering is no more in evidence than anything else that has ever been offered up before. 

Actually God is the same now as He has always been,a loving devoted Creator.
...who stands by and watches while horrible, painful death takes millions of people and trillions of other life forms every year.  Feel the love....

The religions have twisted mankind's understanding of God by following the teachings of  dishonest men.
If the person who invented God was just a dishonest man, everything that came after it is probably a lie. 

It is my wish to spread God's Love and undo,if just a small segment, of what bad religion has done to society.
God isn't real Junebug.  If you want to be happy and pick flowers and sing songs, feel free.  But whatever love you're spreading, its not from God; its all you. 
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