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The Book of Enoch is an ancient Hebrew text that describes the round Earth revolving around the Sun. 

I have to question whether or not you've read the book of Enoch yourself, or just been fed this nonsense by other Christians who really want evidence but can't find any.  BTW, the Book of Enoch is only canonical in the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church and Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church per wikipedia.  Are you a member of those?

Chapter 18 verse 2 from the book of Enoch...

"I surveyed the stone which supports the corners of the earth."

How many corners does a round earth have? 

Chapter 18 verse 6

"I saw the winds which turn the sky, which cause the orb of the sun and of all the stars to set; and over the earth I saw the winds which support the clouds."

The winds don't turn the sky, nor do they cause the sun and all the stars to set.  The wind also doesn't support the clouds, it simply moves them around.  They wouldn't fall if the wind was gone. 

Chapter 71  speaking about the sun...
"And thus it goes in and out, neither slackening nor resting; but running on in its chariot by day and by night. It shines with a seventh portion of light from the moon; (78) but the dimensions of both are equal"

A chariot pulls the sun?  The sun is the same size as the moon?  And gives off 1/7th of it's light? It's actually 400,000 times more bright.   See this website... http://outreach.atnf.csiro.au/education/senior/astrophysics/photometry_magnitude.html

How do you get to flat out ignore this stuff and still claim that the Book of Enoch is special?  Why do you think you can do that?  This is factual evidence that the author was NOT visited by an angel with supernatural knowledge over his own.  It's iron clad evidence.  Why can't you see that?  What goes through your mind when you read this absolute proof that you're position about the Book of Enoch is wrong? 

Also from what I'm watching on TV, The History channels, Nat. Geo., The Science channel, etc... science and the Bible are coming together.

Ratings make TV shows go.  Pandering to Christians in a Christian country is a good move for those channels, regardless of whether or not there is any actual truth to what they're saying.  Science is NOT coming together with the bible.  The book of Enoch isn't even in the bible. 

Science has now been proving the possibilities of the Bible. Example, The God Gene, The Shroud of Turin, What the force is that holds the nucleus of the Atom together(which is in the Bible), How the Red Sea was parted,the almost discovery of Noah's Ark. The Book of Enoch will blow your mind.

Please dude.  The Book of Enoch is shit.  Shroud of Turin was debunked years ago.  The new information came from Catholic scientists who have everything to gain by 'proving' the shroud is older than it is, and the dates they put it at were... get this... within a 700 year range.  The carbon dating done on the shroud by 3 DIFFERENT places put the shroud in the late 1200's early 1300's.  Within 100 years accuracy.  The Red Sea parting, and 'almost' finding Noah's Ark?  Good lord.  They don't help your case at all. 

I'm with Anfauglir.  It's the ramblings of ancient goat herders who knew very little. 

And if you think some astrological observations were only possible back then if they had angels telling them stuff, why don't you ask the Mayans, who's calendar was far more accurate and they did it in 5th century BCE.  The book of Enoch, most experts agree, was written (earliest) around 300 BC again per wikipedia. 

It's unbelievable that people fall for this stuff.  But you won't admit it will you.  I've known too many Christians to think that facts and evidence will sway your thinking. 

BTW, it's 'grateful' not 'greatful'. 
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