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Whether or not my son decided to turn to violence was his decision to make.  If I could've made it for him I would, but as an adult he was responsible for his actions not me.  I taught him what he needed to know, after that it's on him. 

And where does God fit into that?  If it's your sons decision whether or not to turn to violence, then it's also his decision to get off drugs.  There is no need to explain it with God.  You've satisfactorily eliminated the need for any sort of supernatural explanation.   

It definitely was not God's plan for my son to get on drugs.
How can you say it wasn't God's plan for your son to get on drugs?  How do you know that? 

I don't think God's plan is about the individual, but the human race as a WHOLE.
So childhood starvation, drug addition, AIDS fit into God's plan as a whole?  Gotcha. 

But what do you mean God's plan is about the human race as a whole?  What would be beneficial to the entire human race?  Maybe making water more plentiful?  Food more plentiful?  Abolishing cancer?  Getting rid of AIDS?  None of those seem to be on top of his priority list.  So how can you sit there with a straight face and say that God's plan is for the human race as a whole?  You're just wrong about it.  It's not possible for you to be right here.  Unless God isn't good; in which case, I guess it's possible. 

Bottom line.  God's plan includes awful, terrible things, and you will have us believe that those things are good for us as a whole.  I think that's disgusting. 

I have already said several times before here that I don't think God doing something is a bad thing
So by definition, if God acts or does not act, it's a good thing?  Is that what you will have us believe? 

I'm saying that the human race as a WHOLE would be better off if we took care of this problem by being more courageous and putting an end to the politics that lead to poverty by coming together and peacefully protesting the status quo.
Nobody is going to disagree with you here Junebug.  We want problems fixed as well.  For the atheist, the fate of everyone lies solely on the people of this world, but the problem is that for you, there is a second option.  And that second option has the power to solve these problems with the snap of his fingers.  So why is it so difficult for you to understand that if this second option that you believe exists, does nothing at all to help the problems, then that might be a bit of an indication that you're making the whole thing up and there really is no second option?  You keep going back to the people, its our problem, we need to fix it, etc, etc, but you never acknowledge the second option in that situation. 

What I want to know is... why don't you fucking HATE your God?  I don't think your God is real, so I don't have to hate him, but I do not understand, not for the life of me, why you would ever worship a god that presides over this world and allows the shit to take place here in front of him.  I firmly believe that if you were not brainwashed to think that God is good, you would judge his actions the same way as you would judge every other action and you'd see where we are coming from here.     

The human race is about to evolve, our environment requires it, we either become like the locusts leaving destruction, or become more like the honey bee, living in unison with the planet and each other.

Every living thing, including the human race, has been evolving for a lot longer than you can possibly fathom.  Our environment is changing. It's always been changing, but it's a slow process, just like evolution.  That's what pressures things to evolve.  As the environment changes, some random mutations expressed in the DNA of the living thing allows a better than average chance at survival and an increased likelihood to reach reproduction age. 

What do you think is the solution to this problem?  Putting our hands together, bowing our heads in unison and telepathically asking a fictional deity to work things out for us?  Or rolling up our sleeves, casting off the ancient superstitions of our ancestors, and making things better for ourselves?  It seems you think the second one is the better option.  I agree.  So again, where is there room for God?  There isn't any.  Because there is no God.  You've made it up.   

It is up to us, but we need more honey bees, right now the locusts are running the show. 
You make it all out to be greed, but there is so much more to it than that. 

But why are the locusts running the show?  Where is God?  Why isn't God helping?  Maybe because God isn't real? 

Your anger towards God is completely understandable. My wish for you is freedom from that anger, it's not good for your health.  I mean that in the most sincerest way.

We aren't angry at God because we don't believe God exists, Junebug.  We just can't understand why you aren't angry.  You seem to believe in him, so what is your problem?  God stood by as each and every pill went into your son's mouth, didn't he?  He stands by as thousands and thousands of children die in agony every day.  You've said that you've watched people die.  Have you ever watched a child starve to death?  Ever seen the mother of a child who starved to death?  You'd step in to stop it if you could, right?  You worship a being that has the power to do exactly that, but does nothing at all.  NOTHING.  What, do you picture God crying or something when you think about it?  As if that makes it better?

Personally, I get angry at the stupidity of the whole thing.  It's like your (religious people in general) brain is not working properly.  You don't think intelligently.  You don't look at the repercussions of your beliefs, and the logical contradictions you face in it.  You just like feeling that it's there and that's what guides you first and foremost.  I don't respect that.  Not a single bit.  It's the entire problem with religion in the world.   You want to give God credit for the good stuff, but no blame for the bad.  You can't have it that way.  It just doesn't work out.       

BTW, with regard to your post about how evolution and the big bang theory don't satisfy your curiosity about our origins, since when does the truth give a crap about whether or not it meets with your approval? 
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