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Here's a question for all - what does cause African children to starve? If it isn't your fault, is it anybodies?

If I had to make a guess at it, I would say that the reason African children starve is the same reason any other living thing on the planet would starve... lack of food. 

Fault is an interesting notion here.  To me, that implies that someone screwed up somewhere.  If you are going to argue that, then you must take each instance on a case by case basis and identify the factors that played into it. 

You may argue that it is the fault of every human being on the planet that children starve to death in Africa.  I don't know if that is where you are going with the question, but we've heard that one before.  The thing is... not one of us is omnipotent, and most people struggle to survive as it is without having the added burden of millions of starving Africans on their shoulders.  Now, if God exists, and he has the power (with a simple thought no less) to stop children everywhere from starving, and he does not do it, then God is, by FAR, more culpable than any of us humans.  To use a very simple analogy here; if I had the power to give food to starving children (every day for the rest of their life) with a simple thought, and I did not do it, I would think the blame would come to me.  Or worse yet, if I were father to everyone on the planet, and chose to give ample supplies of food to fat, greedy, gun toting, stock car driving, bible belt Christians, while telling the starving African children to go fuck themselves, I would expect the world to turn on me violently and rightfully so. 

I'm with kaziglu bey.  Very happy I don't worship that monster.
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