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Evidence of a deluge:  Some evidence is that people, aside from Judaism and Christianity have passed down similar stories.

If the entire world flooded over, killing every living thing on it except for Noah and his family, there would be no other stories from Babylon, Greece, the Fins, the Chinese etc.  All the people who could have told that story or remembered the events would be dead. 

But we do have stories of flooding from many different places that we must account for.  Can you think of a non-deity reason for this?  Here is a simple reason... civilizations require water. All of the early civilizations from around the globe cropped up around water sources.  Large water sources are known for doing what?  Flooding.  It happens all the time.  That doesn't mean the entire world flooded over. 

There are many others but this is just from a quick search from Wikipedia.   I think there must be some hint of truth in these "myths".  Geologists (aka scientitsts) seem to accept this as will be shown later.

I just gave you a rational explanation for why there are many flood stories throughout history in different regions of the world.  Where does the logic of it fall apart for you? 

Other evidence includes finding seashells on tops of mountains.  Some later came to believe it was because of glacial periods.  But there is no way of telling whether glaciers, a flood, pr both are actually accountable.  The only fact is that seashells have been found on tops of mountains.

Plate tectonics Jstwebbrowsing.  When continents collide, they get pushed upward.  Ocean bottoms that were once covered in creatures from the sea can eventually become mountain tops.  If you don't believe me, go ahead and draw little sea shells on your fingernails, put your hands on a table with the fingers facing each other and push them together.  What happens to your fingers? They go up.  As an aside, when they rub against one another, the friction causes earthquakes as the large rock masses slide past.  The reason you don't see it personally is that it happens over millions of years, but it's simple to understand, and we know it happens.  The earthquakes you can see, however. 

It should be obvious that SOMETHING happened to cause all these myths.

Yes, and that SOMETHING is lots of local flooding on large scales because all civilizations require fresh water sources and those sources flood a lot.  You would have lots of flood stories if that happened, wouldn't you?  And that would also explain why some cultures have no flood stories at the same time.  This is, by far and away, a simpler way to understand the stories. 

So there IS evidence or geologists would dismiss it entirely.

There is copious amounts of evidence that local floods happen all the time.  There is no evidence that the entire world flooded over.  Sorry. 

Here is the thing Jstwebbrowsing.  For most of your life, you've been taught a certain way. To believe certain things.  You've been given ONE side of a very, VERY two sided argument and you have clung to your side because it's all you've known.  Don't feel bad; there are millions of people like you out there.  Now, however, you are dealing with people who have been given lots of information from both sides of the argument and who have come to the reasonable conclusion that all of these things you talk about are better explained by reasonable, evidence based methods.  Science offers better answers than God does.  It's that simple.  Don't you think it's in your best interest to listen to BOTH sides?  We have good reasons to think that God is not real.  Lots of them.
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