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A fuckin fake story..with a fuckin fake rape...we are going to compare to what our daughters might face in real life? Now I am really scared..

Not all rape uses violence, struggle, etc. I am not a parent but being female I know how guys try to get into girls' pants.

If a 13 year old girl has sex with a 30 year old man it's still rape even if she consents to it.

If a girl has sex with him because he promises she will give birth to the savior of humanity who will promise his followers eternal life (a fake, impossible story) it's still rape by deception. This guy uses some bullshit story to get into her panties, in which without that story the girl would probably say no. The term immaculate conception is just a pretty term for an 'unholy fuck'

And madeline, you seem to be getting pretty worked up. Relax a bit.

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