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In Matthew Chapter 28 is says that "He is going before you in Galilee; therefor you will see him... And as they went out to tell His disciples, behold, Jesus met them... and said, "Do not be afraid. God and tell My brethren to go to Galilee""(Matt 28:7-10), and then further in that chapter, while in Galilee, Jesus gives his disciples the 'Great Commission': "...Go therefor and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe..." (Matt 28:18-20). These verses are echoed in the book of Mark, Chapter 16:12-18, almost word for word.

This is also the first time that anyone had seen Jesus since his death, according to Matthew and Luke, and according to my bible[1] since both chapters begin with the header 'He Is Risen'.

In Luke Jesus first appears in a different place, perhaps in Emmaus, which is 7 miles from Jerusalem (Luke 24:13). The disciples returned to Jerusalem (Luke 24:33) Jesus appeared to his disciples, who appeared 'terrified, and frightened, and supposing they had seen a spirit' (Luke 24:37).

When Jesus appeared in front of his disciples in Matthew and began giving the commission '..some doubted[2]. In Mark, when Jesus appeared he 'Rebuked their unbelief, and hardness of heart'(Mark 16:14).

Now, in Luke they were terrified, in Matthew and Mark some doubted what they had seen. If they is more than one commission in two or more different places then why did the disciples appear in some form of doubt or terror. If Jesus did appear to them in two different places to give his disciples two different commissions it makes absolutely no sense for the disciples to show either terror, or doubt in either place.

Even after Jesus' first appearance and commission, according to you, in Luke (and John) why did the disciples doubt Jesus' appearance in the books of Matthew and Mark? They had seen Jesus before. Luke even says that Jesus led them to 'as far as Bethany' So after this first meeting with Jesus, and their first given commission by Jesus the dispels would already at least know how Jesus' post-living body appears to them from the short time they walked with Jesus to Bethany[3].

The disciples' reaction to the newly risen Jesus according to Matthew and Mark doesn't add up. One would think that since the first commission (in Luke when they became believers in his ascension) they wouldn't have any sort of doubt or terror in seeing their Lord, and being given another commission (of you are correct about their being more than one)

IDK: To me it does seem like there is some inconsistency between the appearance of Jesus to his disciples after his death, which would lead me to believe that there is some contradiction between the different accounts, bases solely on the disciples' reactions alone.  I highly doubt that the disciples would appear fearful and doubtful no matter which appearance happened first.

If Jesus appeared to them first in Luke they'd know and recognize his figure and Matthew and Luke, and wouldn't doubt they were seeing Jesus in Matthew or Luke, and vice-versa.

 And even if they did appear frightened at Jesus' appearance after he rose these guys are supposed to help recruit Jesus' army for the war against Satan. The disciples are a bunch of cowards.


 1. Nelson's KJV Study Bible, General Editor Earl D. Radmacher, Th.D
 2. beginning sentence says When they saw him they worshiped him, but...' (Matthew 28:17)
 3. According to my study bible maps Bethany is a city right next to Jerusalem, so it's a couple mile walk
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