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I'm proud of my disbelief. I am proud that I got away from my homophobic, fundie past. I am ashamed that I used to think of homosexuals as something lower than me, simple because I had a belief in a personal god, and because I found their actions and lifestyle repulsive in my god's eyes. I am proud I no longer feel this way.[1] Reflecting on my religious past I used to belief in 'pray the gay away' and other bullshit. But now I am proud I don't, only because of my disbelief in a god, and realizing that my belief in a god was poisoning my mind, was causing me to think lowly of others who didn't share the same belief I had.

I currently live in NY and in a community where people really don't care what your belief is. Sure, there are a few fundies around, but overall the population keeps their head out of other peoples' lives. There is no need for me to broadcast my disbelief and wear it like a badge of honor because no one really cares. When I got to where I grew up, Nashville, Tennessee, there are fundies running amok, and I am more proud to express my disbelief in their god when in their presence, because they are expressing their belief in god more rampantly.

I guess for me it all comes down to who I am surrounded by. I am proud to openly say in Nashville that I don't have a belief in god, while surrounded by that specific god's believers. I guess for me it all comes down to if someone informs me that they are proud to belief in god, I will openly inform them that I am proud I don't believe in god. But when I go out into a society that doesn't display their beliefs I don't even think about my disbelief because there's no reason to.
 1. It wasn't just the homosexuals, but other people who didn't fit into my religious criteria of being saved. That criteria being 'sinners' who will not repent.
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