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i choose Christianity because it makes the most sense in dealing with who I really am as a being. It fills that void of Love that we all cry for in our innermost being.

So you use it as a crutch. I hate it when people say stuff like this. "I choose christianity because it gives me meaning". Sorry, rob, you're a weak minded individual. Not only do you not know what evolution is, and what a scientific theory is, you also cling to this crazy idea that some god fills you with joy and love. Absolutely pathetic.

First of all: don't belittle yourself. We don't need a god being to fill any void in our lives.
Second: You cling to this crutch that says that you are unworthy of his love unless you constantly repent to him and constantly give him praise and thanks by constantly sitting in his house. What kind of loving being would do that? Answer? None.

If this god was truly loving he'd forgive you without your even asking. If this god was so great he wouldn't want constant praise for his creation. He'd be humble. He'd humble himself before you, but he doesn't. He wants thanks because he's god an ego as large as the universe christians claim he created. Not much of a god.

This love you say he fills is not there. He's not moving in your life at all. It's all talk being spoken to you by a man he claims to have been moved to proclaim his divine message. But the message of love isn't there. If anything it's a hostage situation and you are just suffering from Stocholm Syndrome.

it changed me i robbed, i stole, sexually was immoral, smoked blunts, toted weight, licked shots, and would baby make, get bent and pay rent.

Bummer. I can relate though. I was homeless for a few years because I was a crack head.

No one change you. You changed yourself and you are using god as a reason why you no longer do these things. Show yourself some respect. Stop giving the credit to god.
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