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Mark 11:23-24

but those people praying for a new limb didn't pray hard enough. They didn't give it their all! When it comes to praying you can give a quick 5 second prayer for a new job that you applied for in the first place[1], but it takes a lot more than 5 seconds to pray for god to grow back a limb... I guess.

Where does God say he is obligated to heal amputees in scripture? This isn't me being cocky either, I'm just looking for genuine answers.

You're not being cocky. You just missed the point of the question. If you just joined the forum without actually reading what it means by asking the question Why Wont God Heal Amputees?, visit this link.
 1. lets face is. (reputable) Employers don't just call you up out of the blue offering you a job you didn't apply for
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