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Here would be my SPAG god (if one existed), and it wouldn't have anything to do with the bible. It would create a world where people could easily enough support their basic needs so that we could pursue becoming our greatest, wisest selves. It would encourage learning, growth, love, kindness. It would want us to grow and wouldn't put endless obstacles in the way of so many people that their lives are spent in misery. Instead of petty threats of hell, it would teach through positive reinforcement.

Hi Traveler, I have some questions about this:

* Are you talking about the creation of humans as we know them today?

I don't see what difference that would make.

* If yes to above, does your God grant free will?

As much as free will CAN exist, of course.

* If yes to above, what would your God do in response to human decisions and actions that cause suffering?

Have you heard of a movement called "peaceful parenting?" There are ways to guide people to kindness without punishment or reprogramming them. It would require a god(dess) who actually showed up and talked with people of course. And if this god(dess) created people from scratch, it certainly seems that a perfect god(dess) would be capable of creating a species that was not prone to such anti-social defects as serial-killer psychopathy.
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