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Yeah, the anti-nausea drugs never did me much good.

My thoughts are these. It is a pain in the ass. It hurts. It sucks. Pick your negative description, and it applies to chemo. BUT, chemo is temporary. It eventually ends. Death is permanent. I feel great now. My hair is probably longer than its ever been before. I have my sense of taste back, I'm never nauseated anymore, and no one is sticking needles into an alien contraption in my chest. I'm ALIVE!!! I'm (relatively) HEALTHY!!! And I've learned so very much about myself. Would I do it again? Damn right I would. It would suck, it would terrify me, and I'd hate every minute of it. But it saves lives.

You know what was my greatest worry during treatment? Money. Yup, money. Our health care system sucks perhaps worse than cancer. I had insurance, but the out-of-pocket was astronomical. My mom helped me out ... thank goodness for moms with healthy savings accounts. I worried more about money than I did about my treatments. How sick is that?

I don't know what to tell you, except that I hope you will choose to fight for your life. I know its hard ... trust me, I know. But you CAN get through it, and years from now, when you're alive, admiring a sunrise, or talking with a dear friend, you'll be glad you did.
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