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I had a terrible experience the last time I flew. In general, I love flying. But the idiotic security rules are really pissing me off. Most of you know by now that I'm a breast cancer survivor. Bilateral mastectomy with no reconstruction. Damn, I'm starting to cry just writing about this.  :(

I was visiting friends out west. One of them gave me a necklace with a stone on it "for luck" or "good vibes" or something. I don't remember her exact words. She's a good friend who helped me through my cancer experience, so I wore it. I didn't take it off when going through the "see through your clothes" machine because they said I didn't need to take off my jewelry. So, what happens? They see "something" on the scan. They ask me to step aside. Its the necklace. Will they let me take it off and go through again? No. They say that's against the rules. They made me go through a pat down. On my scarred chest. A place that no one has touched other than doctors since my diagnosis. Now, to make matters worse, this trip was triggered by another friend being diagnosed as stage 4 with bone mets, cancer in her kidney, and possible other complications, including a suspicious spot behind her eye. A not uncommon place for breast cancer mets.

Anyway, I was exhausted, sad, and vulnerable. As soon as they told me what they were going to do I burst into tears. It was awful. The poor women who did it were obviously embarrassed and didn't like what they had to do.

So, to protect ourselves from a bead necklace, that I could have taken off, they had to severely traumatize me. How is this making anyone safer???

I'm still pissed and upset. I really should write a letter.
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