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In amongst all the health scares, family issues, and other life stresses on the board, I thought I'd share some good stress.  ;D

I'm an artist. I've been working for the last few years at a variety of events, never quite figuring out a good path to success. This year I've changed focus to my fantasy work, and started applying to renaissance festivals. I thought it would take a couple years to get ramped up. The bigger faires are juried, and I'd heard it could take years to get a permanent shop.

This year has been amazing. A few short months after beginning this new journey I have a perfect permanent shop at one big festival near the jousting field, a relative stepped up to finance it, I'm a guest vendor at another, and am now purchasing a beautiful period pavilion to apply to some more. The pavilion is basically the best in the business, it was only used twice, the colors are perfect for my use, and its much cheaper because its not new. I have a ton of people pulling for me, and hoping to work for me.

I'm really stressed, and really excited! I alternate between worrying about this working out and dancing around the house like I've just won the lottery.  ;D All these incredible things seem to be falling in my lap, and while I know that logically its my work and preparation allowing me to be ready to jump at these opportunities, it feels sort of magical. And terrifying.

Whew! So, wish me luck, and if you like renaissance festivals, I'll let you know where and when I'll be.  8)
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