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I keep coming back to this ... whatever might happen to someone's sexuality by being exposed to other variants ... so what? Love between consenting adults is a beautiful thing.

Anything else is a red herring. Whatever your objections, real or fantasy, about gays, is also true about straights. Many straight people engage in anal and oral sex. Many straight people are TERRIBLE role models. My neighbor's husband cheated repeatedly on his wife, and beat her up once. How is that a good role model? How is that a good family? How is that teaching responsible and beautiful relationships?

Those of you who believe in an antiquated, patriarchal, biblical god need to realize that love of whatever type is healthier than outmoded sexual stereotypes. I am a straight woman, and your ancient role models have been more detrimental to the health of women and men everywhere than most religions I can think of. I have been harassed by men at work and in public and in school. Ditto with most women I know. Most women are, at some point in their lives, afraid for their safety from men. Because its dark out, because its late, because we've been attacked. The male/female dynamic is broken in so very many ways. Do you know why stories tell of white knights riding to our rescue? Because straight men, many of them, are scary and dangerous. We are often in need of rescue. We need to redefine gender roles. We need to stop teaching our kids to be passive women and aggressive men. We need to allow children to blossom into something better than that. People are unique. They are not all cookie-cutter Ozzie and Harriet folks. When the world can let go of these stereotypes and let people grow into their true selves, instead of trying to force everyone into one set of norms ... that will be the day that humanity can begin to shine.

ARG!!! I cannot believe we are still having this conversation in the world. Freedom. Love. Peace. These are good things. Restrictive roles, whether sexual, gender-related, and more, are, quite simply, destructive. I have gay relatives and friends, and they are all dear, sweet people. I love them, and I see what they've gone through to come to grips with their orientation. It is not an easy road, because of bigotry and the religion of their families. It is a terrible waste. We NEED to let people love whom they will if we want to evolve into a better people.
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