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Have you ever studied the Galapagos Islands? I ask because animals have adapted there in unusual ways. The marine iguana, for instance, now swims, dives, and eats underwater foods. Why? In search of food. Iguanas are a land animal. These iguanas, rather than compete for food with all the other land animals on the islands learned, over time, to seek food in the water. And over time their bodies adapted to make it easier for them to do so. The flightless cormorant lost its ability to fly. Why? Because there are no predators there, and they no longer needed to fly to escape them. They're basically becoming more like a penquin. A flightless bird that swims, dives and feeds underwater, just like a normal cormorant. And they stand in the sun with their useless wings spread out to dry, presumably because their instincts tell them to. But the wings are no longer useful except as swimming aids.
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