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Azdgari, as far as we know life has never come from non life without the help of existing life, why? One explanation is that life itself is too complex to arise without the help of existing life...

And yet you'd have us believe that an infinately complex being (god) existed without the help of existing life. This is such a monstrous failure of logic that I don't even know where to begin. Anyone who creates anything knows that you start at the beginning, with the simplest of elements. You build on that until you have your final, complex thing. Try software programming and you'll understand what I mean. At the mechanical level, you have switches that can be either on or off. That's then abstracted into 0s and 1s. From there we build assembly language, and then an operating system and languages. Now we can finally build our applications, which is what the user finally sees.

And that's massively simplified. Ipad apps don't simply *poof* into being. They must be built from the ground up, with those little switches that are either open or closed. On or off. 1 or 0.
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