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Sometimes when I’m watching the world go by I envy the patriots and the believers. I can only imagine how nice it must feel inside that big fat herd. So much certainty and confidence, so little confusion and frustration. Reassurance everywhere; doubt nowhere.

Sometimes I wonder how life would be if borders and gods made sense to me.
What if I stepped out into the stream? How would it feel to swim in those warm illusions and delusions? But I can never know. I’m contaminated by reason and condemned by thinking. The herd is forever beyond my reach because I’m still the child who dared to doubt and cared to ask.

I try to not to mock them because I know the joke is on me. For I’m the one left alone, a social creature on the edge of society, a friendly man with few friends. My only compensation: a small bit of pride for having been awake while I lived.

(Guy P. Harrison)
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