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What theists really mean when they say...

"See the light" = Start living in a dream world.

"Moving away from God" = Start living in the real world.

"You are arrogant" = Please stop sticking to facts, it's annoying.

"I hope God can forgive you" = I wish I could shoot you.

"Good Christian" = Someone who does good deeds just to please God.

"Atheist" = Someone who does good deeds just because they can.

"Believers" = A club for people who like pretending they'll never die.

"Church" = Where the club meets to play the pretending game.

"The word of God" = I need a rule book and this is it.

"God's will" = Every single thing that could ever possibly happen.

"Against God's will" = You're not sticking to our book are you?

"Jesus loves you" = I think you're a twat.

"The end is nigh" = Listen, if you won't play the pretending game I'm going to wish you dead and then you'll get scared and start playing.

"Priest" = Someone who is an expert at pretending and has memorised lots of useless information to help delude others.

"Other religions" = They're just pretending the wrong pretend stuff is true but it isn't, only ours is the real pretend stuff.

"Scientists" = Those annoying people who keep making us look silly.

"Evolution" = Theory that makes much more sense than mine, just poke your tongue out and hope it goes away.

"Truth" = Delusions we in the club have all agreed on.
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