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I do not think that Junebug does not care about the truth.

I don't concur.  I think she cares more about what feels all warm & fuzzy, and what supports her presuppositions.

I think she expresses her experience of the truth in ways that are not always comprehensible to people who only care about what they can see in facts and figures and in logic.

"Her experience" of the truth?  What on earth does that mean?

Her education in science appears to have come largely from the science channel, the internet and this forum, not from attending college.

And this deserves heaps of respect why?

Her tone is folksy.

Her tone to me is both delusional and mule-headed, wishing to cling to any messed up thing that supports her fantasy that the universe revolves around homo sapiens.

I don't understand why so many posters find it necessary to ridicule every sentence she writes.

So many?  Name one. She's been coddled and provided with more respect than anybody deserves given the semi-trailer loads of nonsense that she deliveres here on a daily basis,

It is not so difficult to respond to a question and correct inaccuracies without sarcasm.

 I can't know or speak to what other posts that you're referring to, but I wasn't being sarcastic.

Why must everyone who admits to feelings and spirituality be scorned?

I admit to feelings and a sense of awe, but JB does not just do that; she makes continuous wild, baseless, supernatural assertions without a shred of evidence or reason.  This does not deserve respect; it deserves mockery, but we're doing the best we can, and I think we deserve a ribbon for the patience employed.
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