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You guys are right I don't know as much about science as you all....

Science isn't something to "know about" (like cars), it's a method of knowing & understanding....well....everything.  It is the best tool we've got, and it is open to any & all observable phenomena.  The reason why god does not come up on the radar of any scientific inquiry is that a god (especially the cartoon character of the Abrahamic god) doesn't exist.  Gods were and are humanity's first guess as an explanation.  This guess was and is born out of ignorance and superstition.

I've studied God.

I don't mean to be abrasive when I say this, but I really wish you could see and appreciate just how vacuous that statement is.  Allow me to change just one word of your three-word statement:  "I've studied Zeus"  "I've studied Superman"  "I've studied astrology"  "I've studied Voodoo magic"  "I've studied Santa Claus"  "I've studied unicorns".  You get the picture.  I'm reminded of another saying:  "Being a theologian is like being a professional air guitarist."

How did you go about "studying" this god of yours?

So y'all can be the scientific experts, and I'll be this humble little ole gal from the Appalachians that knows a little bit about God.

And that's it?  You're not prepared to move any further than that?  That is the epitome of being closed minded.

If you live in the Appalachians, I'm going to suggest that because you live in a part of the States which is steeped in Christianity, that the idea of proclaiming to not having god belief for you is somewhat frightening.  Is there any truth in that?

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