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I'm glad this nonsense is over.  It's been painful to watch the media fall over themselves covering this story ad nauseum.  Every time I attempted to watch the news on TV, it was taken over by this story of the pope and the masses of delusional people, forgetting all of the other issues going on in the world.

My local channel was interviewing some people on the street yesterday, and it was so very sad to see a grown man (50-60) get all emotional while stating that for the last while (without a pope) he's felt like he didn't have a father; and now......"I have a father".......as he nearly cried.  This displayed the state of infancy christianity can keep people.

Watching the millions of sheep-like people watching & waiting for their new "leader" convinces me that most people on our planet are dumber than a sack of hammers.
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