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I never justified sex with an 11 year old. I have justified the attraction but specifically stated that it would be impossible to obtain consent, and therefore I wouldn't do it.
As far as I know, you've never specifically said that it is impossible to obtain consent from an 11-year-old. And the post you quoted certainly doesn't specify it (my bolding):
If you really want to force an answer out of me, I would say that if and only if, you could determine with 100% certainty that it was completely consensual, and that she understood what she was doing and both the short and long term ramifications of her actions, I think it should be legal. If there is no coercion, manipulation, threat, deception, malice, or abuse, how can it be called rape?

Clearly in this case she is physically ready, the problem is determining her mental fitness. Is an 11 year old capable of that kind of understanding? Perhaps some are, but certainly most aren't. How could you determine which ones are? I don't know. Some specially designed psychological tests, I would imagine. Of course, that's awkward foreplay and it's not reasonable to set age of consent laws on a case-by-case basis.
Try again.

Gnu seems to believe that's a rubber stamp approval for child sex.
Never said that. The part I bolded is a justification for child sex in some circumstances.

Joe thinks that if a girl has had her first period then she's ready to have sex:
Don't tell people what I think. You can tell people what I've said, but don't assume you know what I think.
More pointless pedantry. As your quote begins with the words "I think that", I believe I can accurately introduce it with the words "Joe thinks that".

I think that if they were able to get pregnant, that proves that they were ready to have sex.
This would justify a 31-year-old-man having sex with a menstruating 11-year-old girl.
I think it demonstrates that the girl is physically ready. I did not say that means she is mentally or emotionally ready.  nor that it speaks to her ability to give informed consent. To assume that was my meaning is a rather large leap on your part.
As Traveler said, not a large leap at all.
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