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The sex-drive argument reminds me of the surveys which state that on average, men have more sexual partners than women. There was one in the UK last December (section 6.3.1):

When asked about the number of opposite sex partners they had had altogether in their life so far, men reported a mean of 9.3 female sexual partners, while women reported a lower number, a mean of 4.7 male sexual partners.

This cannot be correct, because each coupling involves one man and one woman, regardless of their identity. So the average should be the same for each sex.

e.g. there is a population of five men and five women; four of the women remain virgins, the fifth couples with each of the five men. The average number of couplings per gender is one, for men and women.

So why are the survey averages different?

One explanation is that the survey sample didn't pick up women who have thousands of partners i.e. prostitutes, but it did pick up the men who use them. That would skew the figures.

Or, it may be that the male respondents exaggerrated their figures, for reasons of bravado, while the women minimized theirs for reasons of modesty, both in line with the society stereotype we know so well.
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