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I'm curious as to who Joe means by his 'girlfriend'. What husband refers to his wife as his girlfriend? None that I know of. Maybe he means his mistress. That's possible. Care to share, Joe?
I use the terms wife and girlfriend interchageably. This is a habit I've picked up from the Chinese.
I had a drink with a old friend tonight who has worked in China for years, so I asked him about this. He said it's bollocks. Chinese people make exactly the same distinction between wives and girlfriends that we do.

This seems to be rather similar to you saying that you had two adopted children, but on further enquiry it turns out that formally, you don't.

Are you formally married, Joe? Or do you just refer to your girlfriend as your wife sometimes?   

Whereas you think that the age of consent should be drastically reduced:
I agree, there should be a line, but I think the age of consent should be lowered to the same age that a juvenile could be tried as an adult.
Which in the US is between 6 and 12 (here).
6 to 12 was your number, not mine.
6 to 12 isn't my number; they're the numbers used in the US to define criminal responsibility. And you said that you would like the AoC to be reduced to those levels. Here in Britain, it's 10. That's too young for the AoC, Joe.   

How is my answer any different from your answer?
Because you're saying that a 31-year-old man having sex with an 11-year old girl should be legal in some circumstances:
if and only if, you could determine with 100% certainty that it was completely consensual, and that she understood what she was doing and both the short and long term ramifications of her actions, I think it should be legal.

Why do you bother promoting that view when you concede that there is no way of establishing 100% certainty, and that the vast majority of 11-year-old girls would not understand the potential consequences of their actions?

I think 14 is a reasonable age to be considered an adult, and I think that should apply to both sexual consent and accountability for one's actions.
Thanks for sharing, but who cares what you think, or what number you plucked out of thin air?

And, I don't believe you.
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