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I've edited out some of the nonsense.  I'm allowing this post because there are a couple of points I have questions about. 
~ Screwtape

It is so nice to be back reviewing the kind words that I left seven days ago.

Please allow me to return to the post where you first thought you had proven me wrong about Obama causing or intending to cause the collapse of the the economy.

First let me say that my use of hyperbole probably should have been moderated.  In your  need to contradict a hyperbole you managed to skate past the truth embedded in that hyperbole. 

You do great damage to your case by blazing by the clear disclosure of Obama's intent to ruin the banking system to insist, as you seem to, that he would never do what he clearly had full intent to do. 

You used the snopes article to debunk my statement but it really did no such thing.  What it did do is affirm that the junior associate was a part of a model action that is a perfect template for all the future actions and the disaster that followed. 

I think you know that.  As hard as the truth is, I think you realise that a man that knows little of and cares even less about the health of a banking system, made to be president of the United States qualifies as one of those Idi Amin characteristics that my vision encompasses.

So, consider this a moderated explanation to cover your two questions.

You and those others of you who believe that no truth can be established unless it is neatly contained withing your parameters are rendered fools to think that Snopes somehow exonerated Obama in this case.  Your desperate need for me to be wrong has blinded you from the obvious.

I'll leave the post below as it was and if you will allow these comments to post, I will follow it by reposting the response that PP was kind enough to paste into a PM to me in deference to your mandate that I not be heard from until I complied to your demands. 

My reply to Parking places was as much a reply to you as to him on this matter,  I'm just sorry you couldn't see it when I posted it. 
It has been SEVEN days since my incarceration, and somehow that seems appropriate for a sabbatical.

And by the way lookee heere  You guys look silly making your claims about Fox News and then blasting me. 

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