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Come on, Wayne, either these are really premonitions, so you can tell us what is going to happen, or you are waiting for an event to link to something that has already happened. Seriously, really convince us of the reality of what you say - post some of the premonitions that have yet  to 'come true' and then we will be in a position to really believe what you are saying about your god when the second event comes along. Well, either that, or what you are talking about is just coincidences....

All I can give you is what I have been given, and only in the way it's been given me. 

 Let me tell you what happened last Monday.  

I go to the park three to five days a week to exercise.  Since it has been cold (37 degrees) I don't arrive there until 5am and spend about an hour and  a half but when it's warmer I'll probably start at 4am.

Monday morning I woke an hour early and thought I might get the week started with  the early schedule regardless of the cold so I got to the park at 4:12AM.

The exercise course is three miles long inside a mile square park and I typically see ten or twenty people along the way, but because I was early all I saw were two coyotes one man and just as I was finishing  a man and a lady that I have never seen there ran into the park and when they got close I realised I knew who they were, but they don't live in California.  They were as surprised to see me as I was them.  I remarked that I uncharacteristically came early or I wouldn't have seen them.  They told me they were just here for three days to go to Disneyland and sea world with family.  They used to live here.

The man's name is Dave Orgil.  He was the mission leader when I was baptized that October 17 in 1987, two weeks after the Cold Eggs at Paul's episode[/url. 

Dave is the one who invited me to his home (when he lived in Calif) the week before my baptism, and one of the first people to hear my October 1 earthquake episode, if not thwe first. It was under his direct care and council that I was baptised, and the one that, after hearing my story, walked me into his own livingroom to show me the art piece that depicts, like my vision, Christ's return.

The vision was of a great disruption with anguish and joy mixed.  My short version of the vision published for you here doesn't mention how the morning sun was pouring through a glass door and gave me the impression that Christ had returned and all I had to do was walk outside and meet him.

I thought that I'd be following an early 4AM schedule from now on but Monday was the only day I made it.  I have gone every day since but at 5AM not 4.  I just can't get up early enough and as I look back I know exactly why. 
I only had one early appointment at the park this week. 

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