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I thought I had caught up and missed this post until now.  There are others on this page as well.  I apologise.

Meteorite-wise, you might want to know that earth's atmosphere gets hit by up to 15,000 tons of meteorites a year, most the size of a pea or smaller

I'm aware of that.  God did put together a fascinating sequence of events for me utilising the vast resources at hand.  It is my job to report it, it's your job to poke holes in it.  Just pay attention because what I'm bringing to you as evidence is a pattern of episodes that prove the promise that He directs that paths of his children.

And guess what. Their showing up within a few hours of each other was... wait for it... a coincidence!

It certainly was.  But not the bang bang bang bang sequence that involved me.  Call it a coincidence if you like, it is my job to report that it was an episode of God's direction.

Plus I have to wonder Wayne. If, by your own admission, you don't pay any attention to the news, how do you judge the quality of the Idi Amin/Obama comparison you keep touting?

I don't wake up to news radio, I do read the Wall street Journal and OC Register I get most my news form the web and papers.  The Asteroid things were only news to me after the fact, I missed any predictions of the asteroid.
That is, how do you match it up with what you know about Obama from other sources? And Amin from other sources?

I'm up on the news, and if you have read my stuff, I have an adequate knowledge of Idi Amin's history.  His connection with Obama is an apt metaphor given me by God.  I didn't dream it up of my own knowledge.

It is right that you question  me about it though.

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