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If something could have happened without a magical supernatural force, why add a magic sal supernatural being to the story? If the rock had flown up off the ground into your hand, you might have a hard time getting people to believe it really happened, but at least you could categorize it as supernatural. Because rocks never do that on their own. But you picked up the rock yourself and put it in your pocket, not your god.

You diminish my account to protect you from the truth that a supernatural God can and does intervene personally to show his loving care.  It doesn't hurt me that you continue to dismiss my accounts as normal, it could only hurt you just as denying any truth would be hurtful.
The other part is that you can't prove that the supernatural force (if it indeed was one) was actually from your god. You just think it was, because that is the god you already believe in. If you believed in Eshu, you would think Eshu influenced you. And you would have no more evidence for Eshu than you have for the god you believe in.

I honestly can't figure out why an atheist would continue to divert their doubt about a believers testimony of intervention from whether it happened at all to an alternative doubt that the God that performed it was accurately identified. 
That is very interesting.  Kind of Freudian.

  I picked my screen name because, so far, nobody has yet given me sufficient reason to believe in any gods. You are on track for helping me keep calling myself nogodsforme. Thanks. :)

I suggest your investment in your name has become dear to you and threatens your ability to reason.
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