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Do you agree that if your first premise (God exists) is wrong, then each and every event that you've written about or talked about with relation to God could be explained solely as coincidences and possibly uncommon, yet mundane events?
I know that, to you, it seems like with ALL the stories you've written, that at least ONE of them HAS to be more than coincidence, but think on a smaller scale... event by event.  Pick any of your events you want and analyze it.  Even the earthquake one...
They all pretty much stand alone for the wonders they are.

Could it have been a coincidence that you were in Paul's restaurant at the time of an earthquake?  Could you have coincidentally sat in the same spot in a restaurant you frequented?

On the coincidence of being in a restaurant during an earthquake, no big deal. But you  must know that you are wasting your time trying to eliminate the premonition, and you must know it.
I intended to sit  in the same place and it was ready waiting for me, that by itself is no big deal.... but who was sitting next to me?  It gives me shivers to recall it all.  Every single detail has it's own wonder.

Could you have had a very strange and astonishing vision like millions of other people around the world have every day?  Could you have been talking to someone about Pat Robertson and said a word that doesn't really have anything to do with earthquakes when an earthquake happened?  The answer is yes to all of them, Wayne.  Yes to all of them.

Your millions of astonishing visions that you imagine in your imaginary argument is not an element to be considered.  We are confining this to the walls of a pretty dinky coffee shop.  Give me a break.  I'd say nice try, but that would be giving you credit you haven't deserved.
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