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And of course I spent the next couple of days on an adrenalin rush, like a chicken with his head cut off, wondering what in the world I was supposed to do about it.  Awesome.

And what you decided to do was come to an obviously atheist website and talk about it for 25 pages? That's the best you could come up with?


There is a marked time delay here, you must take that into consideration.  I shared the story from time to time over the years, but went along about my business leaving it in the past and maybe wondering and asking that the Lord might tell me what the purpose was.  I was able to forget about it for the most part until about the time of my 58th birthday when it was time to gather it all together.  That is a story you haven't heard.  1987 mind you is a long time ago.

Here's what I'm thinking Wayne - I have two operating theories going here. I'm betting you've tried this out at theist sites, and gotten one of two reactions, and ultimately, those reactions led you here. Follow along please...

I have never posted on an atheist site, and have never even imagined doing so until I was guided by a dream of amputation, and my subsequent arrival on this 'pirate ship' as I have affectionately called it.  You have my hand on a stack of bibles word on that.  (along with everything else I've said on this site minus the hopefully obvious jokes about owning a jet, and having three legs).  Let me know if you missed the three legs thing.  It's hysterical.

Hypothesis 1: You tell your stories and get some credulous people ooh-ing and aah-ing over your amazing proof of the existence of God. They encourage you to share your story with others, you set up a feedback loop of reinforcement from other believers, and suddenly, you think you're ready to tackle the toughest theist crowd, the atheists.
Flaw in this plan: we're not credulous, and we start from a position of dis-belief. You're not working with reinforcement, you don't know how to tailor your message to your audience, and you don't understand empirical evidence.

errr... nope.  Your whole presumption here is that I'm selling a bill of goods to aggrandize myself.  If I were a shyster you'd be on to something.  As far as knowing how to tailor the message, you might have something there, but there is no spinning going on here, it is all truth and my tailoring would be better described as better describing for clarity, see my last post response to anf......r  I can't adjust it for believability because I'm doing no doctoring for believability.  The feedback loop thing.. kind of, or mostly, non existent,  I could have hoped though.

Hypothesis 2: You tell your stories and get a few people doing ooh/ahh's, but many are dismissive - your fellow believers aren't giving you the appreciation you think you deserve, so you aim for a different audience altogether - nonbelievers! We're dumb enough to think GOD doesn't exist, there's no way we can possibly withstand the strength of your convictions as you set us straight!
Flaw: we're not credulous, and we start from a position of dis-belief. You're not working with reinforcement, you don't know how to tailor your message to your audience, and you don't understand empirical evidence. And you're really, really arrogant.

You are right in a few things on this one.  Many have been dismissive, or at least quiet. I suppose getting more reinforcement than I have would be nice, but there is a certain stubbornness to someone who had been getting revelations from a higher power, it matters not how many people are dismissive, it isn't and never was a popularity motivation.  The worst thing that could happen is to get popular because I tweaked the truth to make it popular. 

I am not personally responsible for the content, only for reporting it accurately, and ultimately I'm not even really responsible if anybody believes it. If God induced it, he is ultimately responsible for its acceptance and believability.  I have been disappointed in the past that people are reticent to take it all at face value, but fully understanding that I would have trouble believing it myself, if it hadn't happened to me.  It is hard to adequately describe how, having been dismissed or let's say not exactly 'reinforced' I can walk away and simply be amused at the spectre of the circumstance I'm in. There is an abiding peace and assurance that His time is not my time and that He is able to accomplish in me what He intends, when He intends it.  It is amazing actually.

My admiration for your hypothesis still fails to lend any more merit to it than that.

Our share in the responsibility:we continue to patiently correct your mistaken ideas of who and what atheists are, we answer your questions while repeatedly requesting that you do the same and answer ours, we indulge your need for attention while you: condescend to all of us, insist that we accept at face value extraordinary claims with no empirical evidence to support them, and endlessly promote your personal website. We should stop helping you promote your particular brand of BS.

I'm not writing fiction here.  God is my witness. His method by using me in this circumstance is to throw you a curve.  My personality is not just my own arrogant invention.  I'm being humored with some really fantastic personality enhancing 'coincidences'.  Did you see the pale rider thing?

God apparently means for me to have a humorously enhanced persona to make his points.  These things are a surprise and a delight to me.  How about that cowboy song? the racing suit? If it is arrogant, I can declare with all assurance  to you that I could have never dreamt it up on my own.  Just watch what else happens.  It is all hilarious.

I think you're trying to take advantage of the popularity of this website to promote your own by keeping your name attached to the topic. Very christian of you, sadly. Shameless, Wayne, absolutely shameless*. Your god told you not to do this - I hope your fully prepared to explain yourself to him when the time comes.

I think He's laughing with me at you on this comment.  You have no idea.  Well maybe you do.
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