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In 1642, a one-eyed man named George Spencer was accused of beastiality by his Puritan brethren. Because a one eyed piglet had been born, and he was accused of being its father. He was executed.

Your job, Wayne, is this. Though your thoughts seem less dangerous, you need to convince us that they are more grounded in reality and eminently more reasonable than the ideas of the above mentioned Puritans, 460 years ago. So far, you aren't doing too good.

It's fun finding bad examples to make your case appear water tight isn't it.  You my friend are on a leaky pirate ship without enough buckets.

Will you entertain yet another of my accounts of the supernatural?  You know, the things on which my case is unique among all the Christians on this site in the last five years?  The accounts that give me confidence not-my-own that cannot be shaken because it is founded upon a Rock?  The proof of God for which the title of your pirate ship WWGHA begs? 

You said you have a trillion arguments against religion, as though I'm here to defend religion of a trillion inconsistencies.  I for my part use the word religion in dirisive terms more than I could find a favorable term for it, and I know you know that. 

Jesus got into his biggest rage about religion, overthrowing tables lashing religious money changers with a scourge.  That was the corrupt religious system he was born into, so the next time you and I talk about an issue, save yourself of all the objections on which Jesus Christ would agree with you when you bring up a subject with me and we can have some meaningful conversations.

That must have been some ugly pig!

How about this:  http://tinyurl.com/7s5smvh     Greenlight (Protection)  Stopping at a Green Light.
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