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Wayne, trying to link the words "good" and "god" isn't very effective.  For one thing, in Latin, there isn't any kind of phonetic relationship; god is deus, and good is bonum.  It's just as bad in Greek, where god is theós and good is kalós.  The phonetic relationship you're talking about post-dates Christianity by hundreds of years.  It may well be true that European theologians linked the two words, but all that shows is that they were moderately clever individuals who understood that language shapes thoughts.

Here's where i got it. 
  Good used to be spelled god.

[Old English godspell,  from god good  + spell  message; see spell ²; compare Old Norse guthspjall,  Old High German guotspell ]

I need to correct an earlier reference that I didn't notice pasted differently in the post than it read in on the web  Somehow questionmarks replaced some of the 'o's.  My BOLD

I'll tolerate a correction on this as I'm not a latin greek english scholar and the God of the bible might not be the same as the 'god' that means good, byt I have always thought that and used this to substantiate it.

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