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That is one way of looking at it and amounts,  think to double predestination. I don't know if you believe this way or not but basically those who believe were destined to do so and will be off to heaven whilst those that don't believe we also destined to do so and we go... to some other place. (I'm taking the butter and my wife is taking the bread and a friend the toasting fork. Might as well enjoy toast, what with all the fires!

Wheels, you are going to stump me on a lot of this. Predestination is a really interesting subject that I don't have the intellectual chops to do justice to.  I'll do my best without being the least bit dogmatic.  We are just stuck with an omniscient God.  He can't help himself but to already know what you are going to do.  It may be that he has actually given you a choice to trust him by blind faith,(if he hasn't proven himself in ways like he has me), but he hasn't left you alone in that circumstance.  He has surrounded you with people that do believe without seeing.  Predestination can and does sound like a prison sentence and I have to just chalk it up to one of those conundrums that we just have to deal with.  It is my belief that anyone on the toasty side actually does have a choice, it is just God's unique privilege to know before you do how it turns out.  No malice intended. This is all above my pay grade.  I suggest you ask him.  Maybe you could try some simple steps toward him like agreeing with him about sin.  Take a look at the Ten Commandments and visualise your life in full compliance.  Ask him to show you His attitude about some of the non compliant things in your life and if you find that you begin wanting to comply, like a dear child might want to comply to a fathers loving demands, that might prove to be a window into whether you have been predestined off the island.  I can't help you but I trust that His Holy Spirit can.

Actually, if you believed like this you wouldn't do any evangelising as it would be pointless as not one could be saved that way.
I don't believe it.

Of course, as it stands, Satan and god are merely names to which most of us cannot attach a being, given that they are hiding from us.
  John 3:16 is a verse that comes to mind.  If you find yourself questioning it like a prosecuting attorney, you might be approaching it form the wrong attitude. 

Why not start buy getting everything typed up in word and then get a converter off the web to create Kindle format. You can then sell them on the Kindle site with Amazon. There is minimal cost to you and, more importantly, no storage of  printed matter. There must be millions of us now looking for electronic books rather than hard copy books. Not only so they save space but they can be read on smartphones. Give it a try.

Thanks, I'm going to paste this into my to do list.  How do you like the title 'Speed's Tattoo'?  It is a take on the birthmark you may have read about on my hand that looks like a christian symbol of the Holy Spirit.  Most of it is written in word, none of it is organised.  I need help.

Thanks wheels.
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