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You are talking to someone who believes that Jesus Christ is who he said he was, Truth incarnate.  He said: I am the Way the Truth and the Life, no man comes to the father but by Me.  That for me is an authoritative statement from someone I trust.  I may not know a lot of things, but I know that.

A few questions for you then... 

Who wrote it?
mostly first hand witnesses.
Did you know them?
Did Jesus himself write it?
The Holy Spirit aided the human writers.

 How do you know Jesus even said it? [/quote] I don't.
Were you there?

No I wasn't 

How do you know you can trust the author?

Faith I guess.

I understand why you are asking all these questions but maybe I can simplify it all and tell you that some, but not all of what I have read in the new testament has been confirmed by my personal experience and that which hasn't I take by my faith in the unknown.  There is a scripture that says: Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct thy paths.  Proverbs 3:5,6.

My personal experience confirms that verse and so lends some leeway for me when I encounter something in the bible that I don't understand.  My confidence is not in my understanding of anything or even in my being able to interpret God's intent with any scripture, but in his Holy Spirit directing me as he will with or without the use of scripture, with or without my understanding of it.  It becomes quite personal and individual as that scripture says it is.

Is it not simply more likely that he's lying, or that he really believes it but is just wrong about it?  Could the people who told you to trust the bible have been wrong about it?

People can be wrong about a lot of things, even with regard to the meaning of scripture.  I listen to others, I learn what I can, and then I trust God not to be carried off into error.

Why do you not trust Mohamed?  Or L. Ron Hubbard?  They said stuff too, and the only difference is that you weren't raised to believe that everything they said was right.  That's the only difference and you know it.

I get no confirmations from the spirit about what false teachers have said, and hope not to be tricked by them.

But here's the problem Wayne.  You believe things too easily, and then you only look at and focus on things that reinforce your deluded beliefs.  You don't really stop to consider the alternate position, and that's why you dodge around so much of what we tell you here.

I listen to what you tell me, and trust God for the discernment if any of it sheds light on any error I might be harboring, but if it doesn't, you will have to forgive me for dismissing it.
You're spewing and spewing stupid stuff that doesn't mean anything to thinking people, but I'm sure in your personal life, you've been around people who fall for this stuff as easily as you do, and that's really, really sad. 

I'm glad for your concern even when I'm certain it is misplaced.

I'll give you an example of what I mean to prove my point.  You say you trust what Jesus said, but step back out of your God belief for a moment and consider it from a standpoint of 'I don't know if God is real'.  Like any statement in any book, what Jesus said could either be true or false.  This is a fact that you can't escape from and that you can not ignore.  Now... the bible authors (whoever they may be) wrote that Jesus said he was the way, the truth and the light.  Fine.  Now, ask yourself... if you found 10 holy books on a table, all of them with people making claims that were supernatural in origin (including one which has Jesus saying that he was the way, the truth and the light), how do you distinguish between which one is trustworthy and which one is not?  What it would boil down to is the individual statements in each book and how they stack up against reality, correct? 

If it weren't for the Spirit of God confirming the truthfulness of these ancient writings all you your scepticism would be well placed.  A believer is not left alone in all of this but is tutored by the spirit of god directly.  When I was a child I took the truths of the bible by rote, when I matured God reinforces what he wanted confirmed to me and that is the basis of my enduring faith in it.  It even works in the case of mistranslated texts in the King James bible, the mistranslations may misdirect my understanding for a time, and maybe forever, but I do not worship the texts, just the spirit that inspired it.  There is nothing sacred about a bible, it can be flushed, burned, torn or desecrated in any way and it would never bother me, as it is the Christ hidden in the meanings of the text that instructs not the paper and the ink.  Tell that to a Muslim about the Koran.

Given this, is it more likely that Jesus is ACTUALLY the way, the truth and the light, or that he just said he was, and really he wasn't?  Or that they made it up, or some other possibility that we haven't looked at?  The point is that the least likely thing is that Jesus really was what he said he was.  If you disagree, then ask yourself what you would say to a man who came up to you on the street and said it to you today.  Would you simply buy it?  You're gullible, but I doubt you'd buy it.  Then imagine you lived 100 years ago and someone said it.  Would you believe it then?  1000 years?  2000?  Whats the difference?  Nothing.  It would be just as dumb back then as it is now.  The notion that he is who he says is the least likely for the same reasons that it is least likely for the supernatural claims of the 9 other books to be true.  Do you disagree with that?  Does that not make you see how you've been brainwashed to believe that ONE book out of the literally thousands of books you could read with supernatural events in them, holds truth while the others do not? 

I think I answered this above.  By the way it's: "I am the way the truth and the LIFE,..."  but no biggie, he just so happens to be the light as well. 

In a nutshell, you are completely abandoning the normal way you determine whether a book can be trusted in favor of simply going along with what other people (whom you trust) have told you throughout your life.  Maybe it's time you stop thinking like a little boy and start thinking like a man.  Use your reason for once.  Stop being an idiot.  You've been lied to.  The whole thing is a myth.
Your need to insult doesn't strengthen you case, but I'm learning to expect that from Atheists.

Thankfully all of the doubts that would legitimise normal healthy scepticism is made unnecessary by an abiding Spirit, but without that spirit, all bet's are off, even with an accurate translation of holy scripture.  An example of that is catholics kneeling at images, when the ten commandments forbids it.  False doctrine is rampant and all that confusion legitimises Atheists claims.

You're premonition / low odds take on things is theologically sound for you given your assumptions about the world, Wayne.  Unfortunately for you, if this world had no god in it, things that you hook together can be easily explained as just very minor (and sometimes even ridiculously lame) coincidences.  Nothing more.  They aren't even like... "WOW what a coincidence" things.  They're really weak.  You're brain just can't see them that way, but truthfully, you're probably a statistics and probability class away from laughing at your own stupidity.

You would like to laugh it off and your confirmation bias actually requires it of you. In answer I will simply add one more amazing incident to my preponderance of incidents.  This one is of a premonition that is answered by a more immediate fulfillment that goes like this:

One morning at Paul's Coffee shop I had a vision, the restaurant went into upheaval; some screaming, some laughing, some running out the door, everything disrupted.  This vision occurred as I stared into my eggs as they went cold. 

Two days later I returned to the same restaurant, sat in same counter stool and then the October 1 1987 earthquake caused the same thing I had seen in the vision.  I had just told the lady next to me that Pat Robertson would have an impact on the nation and as I said the word impact the quake began.  A waitress screamed and ran outside, commotion ensued but the lady and I just laughed. Exactly like the vision.

I should mention that Pat Robertson, on that very day, announced his candidacy for presidency in New York, where he got his start.  You would think that I might have known that because I watched 700 Club back then, but I didn't.
The reason I told the stranger lady what I thought about Robertson was that I overheard her telling someone next to her about the announcement. How rude of me to interrupt their conversation.

You can't tell me that's not funny.

Now to summerize how remarkable it all was, this is what God had to do to make it all happen.  He knew exactly to the second when the EQ was going to occur.  He gave me a two day advance notice, without telling me it was going to be an earthquake.  He lead me back to the same chair, which was open and waiting for me at a crowded counter and placed next to me a stranger lady that just happened to be a telephone prayer councellor from a local 700 club location (california is along way from Virginia Beach).  I overheard her talking about Robertson and butted into the conversation.  The timing of my words were so precise that we both went giddy in the midst of a potential disaster. Every element of my vision was represented at that moment.  What a coincidence,  er sorry, there I go again using the wrong term. 
What was it about that statistics class again?  What was it about laughing?

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