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   This is the sentence that sticks out to me, although some of your other points I disagree with also.
I think you want me to feel sorry for your persecuted plight.

   That isn't true. While atheists, Muslims, witches, Jews, etc. may be wrongly persecuted in many areas, and Christians, jainists, Hindus, Buddhists, etc  wrongly persecuted in many others, I think the debate needs to be one where all peoples take a hard look at their beliefs, recognize why they believe what they do, and learn why it is wise practice not to judge the beliefs of others who cause no harm to society - whether it is in the workplace, the laws that society makes, or just the ability to stand in anther's shoes.  I am sure you've questioned your own religion over the years, and compared it to the many "truths" that are out there.

   I have no quarrel with your belief in god if it doesn't cause you to view me as evil, or less than you.  As an agnostic atheist, I am not as certain of truth as you seem to be.  I wish extreme Islam was also not so certain.  I worry about everyone because of how sure people with opposing views seem to be that they are right, and how little they question their views.

May I rec comend a simple childlike devotion to the life, teachings and Spirit that can be found in Jesus Christ.  He called himself the truth.  Men make it confusing, and I've been disappointed in how Christianity is presented and deployed here and there but as I think it was Billy Graham who said when asked what the most profound truth was that he held to, he said: Jesus Loves Me This I know, For the Bible tells me so.  That's where all true believers start.  That is the only true religion.  That is the religion of the Founding fathers and of the most prosperous nation... until 1962.

You are right to be fearful of the certainty of extreme Islam.  They have their role in the scheme of things just like the Assyrians had their terrorist role.  When Israel was disobedient to God, God had another people prepared as terrorists to punish them.  They couldn't have harmed Israel had He not allowed it.  America lost it's protection on 911 (how appropriate is that number?) and the extreme islamists aren't finished with us yet, they're not finished because regardless of 9/11 we're still on the happy path to gay marriage and basically outlawing God's morality.  Hello!

The founder's insisted on Christianity as a foundation for governace, and God blessed them with his protections in establishing it.  George Washington warned us that we'd lose it all if we turned away from God and what he warned about is coming true.  It's been a good run in many ways, but anything good about America has but one person to thank and that is Jesus Christ, and the devout men that dedicated this land to his worship.

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