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It was a well established principal in, and reinforced in the Northwest Ordinance that anyone that would hold office in government, or any new territories petitioning for statehood should swear to a belief in God, and make that belief a part of the states Constitution.
Without a belief in future rewards and punishments, a person could not be trusted, because men are not angels, and the natural tendency to corruption in man was well established. 

In order to have some assurance that a person answers to a higher law than their own, (which would render no meaning to swearing to tell the truth) these ordinances are in place to protect society as much as possible from evil.  We distrust men in their sinful state, particularly highly intelligent men.  The greatest country in the history of the planet has the longest lasting constitution in existence because of these bedrock principles. 

But given that men are not angels, as you say, and given that we are all supposedly prone to giving in to our sinful natures (otherwise there would be no need for a savior), why is it that someone who professes faith should be any more trustworthy than an atheist?

Now, I'm sure that the majority of Christians out there are trustworthy, honorable people, but the thing is that you could say exactly the same thing about your average atheist. And, as in any population, you will find liars, cheaters, swindlers, etc on both sides of the fence.

If it was in someones nature to lie, wouldn't it make sense that it would be just as easy for them to profess faith, or swear to God that they were telling the truth if they thought they could pull the wool over someones eyes more easily that way?

Why would someones simply professing to be a Christian make them automatically more trustworthy than an atheist? At least you can be pretty darn sure that someone professing atheism is at least telling the truth on that count.

All men will be punished for their sins in the after life, For you to serve in government, you have to swear that you believe in God's Judgement.  Atheists that never tell lies can't serve because as honest as they might be in reality (which is a big hypothetical)  in God we trust, in man we don't.  In God's final Judgement we trust, In men's judgement we don't. 

I have to believe you know what I'm talking about here. Swearing on a Bible and all that.  Is that not so academic that I need to illustrate it?

It would have been a lot easier for us now had they just said there is no freedom of false religion

Oh Wayne. (sigh)  :(

Hi Shnozzola.  I suppose you think all religions are true?   We wouldn't want to discriminate now would we. 
Oh Shnozzola. (sigh)  :(

Hasn't Iran already done that?

We get into a troubling area when talking about a false religion outlawing false religion.  The founders knew what they were doing, and as confused as men's means of honoring and worshipping the religion of Christ may have seemed, they knew that the basic tenants of the bible and the Ten commandments were clear enough in all Christian sects to entrust the offices of government to them.  Not so, non Judeo christian (false) religions.
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