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Many of us here do not dare tell our coworkers or family members that we do not believe in god. We could be shunned, rejected, mistreated--  for disbelieving in a supernatural being.

Hello Wayne,  (even with my name, I don't think my nose is THAT big)  :)
        What do you think of nogods note above?   I know I would lose my job if management learned I was an atheist.  How do you feel about that, if you don't mind replying?

It was a well established principal in, and reinforced in the Northwest Ordinance that anyone that would hold office in government, or any new territories petitioning for statehood should swear to a belief in God, and make that belief a part of the states Constitution.
Without a belief in future rewards and punishments, a person could not be trusted, because men are not angels, and the natural tendency to corruption in man was well established. 

In order to have some assurance that a person answers to a higher law than their own, (which would render no meaning to swearing to tell the truth) these ordinances are in place to protect society as much as possible from evil.  We distrust men in their sinful state, particularly highly intelligent men.  The greatest country in the history of the planet has the longest lasting constitution in existence because of these bedrock principles. 

I think you want me to feel sorry for your persecuted plight.  I can't.  Whether you knowledge it or not, you are the beneficiary of a form of government that could never have come into being left to atheist philosophy.  Atheist tantrums (like Madelyn Murray O'Hare's) have managed to ruin everything which is at the center of everything we are talking about here. 

Have you ever experienced the atmosphere of a home ruled by a selfish self centered tyrant that finally manages to get his way? That's where we have been since at least 1962, and now the atheist philosophy has had its dreaded result. So don't ask me to feel sorry for you.  I can treat you with respect without conceding to your misguided demands as the Supreme court has. 

I hope this was helpful.     I'm writing from a computer, not my own, out of town.
We know the first one is. He already told us that.

Ah, well, in my defense, none of his links have worked on any of my computers.  So all I know is what he has posted here. 


My PDF's are in DropBox (the cloud).  I have friends with macs that cant open pdfs in their browsers so that might be the case for you.  Anyone who has read them knows why I can't just paste them in here.   Feel free to email me and I'll send it as an attachment. wayne@harropson.com

I'm looking forward to your remarks after you have seen it.  For the rest of the curious, here's somewhat of a catch all of links of stories.  tinyurl.com/speedsmustang
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I need a web page for this stuff so you can read it all in HDML.
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