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No. That is not what Hatter is asking, and unfortunately, I think you are aware of that. Hatter's question, basically put (and he will correct me if I am wrong) is "what is it about other religions that makes them wrong, but makes yours right?" - What differentiates the others?


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The Twitter response is:

Christianity is true and all other religions are false because only Christianity provides:

1)  a reasonable answer to how the universe and us got here.  I know you all are familiar with the cosmological argument, so for time and space's sake I won't repeat.
2)  a reasonable answer to the problem of pain and suffering.  Again, you all are familiar with that argument as well, so no need to repeat it.
3)  a way of salvation that does not rely on one's own effort to obtain it, thus one can not only receive the salvation but have assurance of it because it is not based on their own works.  if you all are as smart as you claim to be, then you know what Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, and others offer in the way of salvation and assurance of it, if anything.
4)  a God Who is the First Cause in the salvation process.  God chooses to give salvation to someone and they are saved.  This is related to 3 above. It is not someone seeking God and finding Him, it is God choosing to make the lost one found.

In addition, there is the personal experience that I and many others have had.

I notice if you replace Christianity with Hinduism, Islam,Buddhism...etc(any replace it with Christianity in number 3) The exact same 'reasoning' could be used by the adherent of any religion? So GF really didn't address the question at all.

All of the reasons are self-referential anyway. 

Posit: A god exists - and is, by our definition, insane.  1 and 2 are answered, and 3 and 4 become irrelevant - they were only necessary in the contex of Christianity anyway.  What has salvation to do with anything unless you a priori accept Christianity?


are you familiar with what the Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, and Muslim concepts of salvation and eternal life are? Christianity differs greatly from other religions with respect to these concepts.  If I thought it would do any good, I'd try to explain, but I can tell that the only thing you are interested in is making ugly remarks.  I answered the question and instead of this fostering additional good discussion, it only serves to give you an opportunity to prove how mean-spirited you are.
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