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I took Tang Soo Do in my teens for about a week. I didn’t like it because they were very focused on point sparring and I was just interested in kicking ass.
In my adult days I have took up boxing, kickboxing/Muay Thai, BJJ, and MMA. I have retired with a few amateur fights under my belt because fighting is a young man's game. And I am not young any more.

It's crazy how many different forms of karate there are. Right when I think I have heard of all of the Japanese styles a new one pops up that I have never heard of. I can understand how life gets in the way. I have learned the hard way I can't karate chop the rent. I can't even chop it in half. Lol maybe I am chopping it wrong.

Yes, I was thirty years younger but still a grown man when I took lessons.  Overtime work hours, chasing young ladies, etc. put an end to my martial arts "career," and I am sure Chuck Norris is thankful for that. ;D

If you figure out how to chop that rent in half, please share.
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