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my point is that throughout history and into the present religion has bee very intertwined in the rest of society. So what you are trying to do... Split the secular from the religous is very hard to do...lets look at it from the other side... Isaac Newton was a Christian who has done alot for physics and mathematics... Now when he was advancing human enlightenment was he acting secularly or religoisly... See even individuals are hard to break up what side they fall on... My point is that to say religion has done these things you first need to isolate religion from society as a whole...

You prove my point, sir. Religion stomped down hard on technology that threatened it so it could remain entwined with society so it could keep stomping down on technology that threatened it. Power for power's sake. Darwin was a theist, too, and look at what popular religious opinion is doing to his observations today.

If Newton was not a Christian, do you think he would have had a less brilliant mind? If Kepler was not religious, would his observations have been any less valid? Unfounded faith did not cause them to see what they saw. Their reasoning and their knowledge of past scientific observations allowed them to discover what they did.

I suppose you have a point though... How do I know we would have progressed faster without religion? To begin to know for sure, we will need a developed nation that is not fettered by ancient parables and dark-age thinking.

Let's work towards that, in the name of science... What do you say? ;)

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