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rhocam's understanding of the theory of evolution fixed by Lucifer.

there was nothing, then there was something, oh, wait that's abiogeneisi

The term is "abiogenesis", but that is not abiogenesis. It's not even science. It's a strawman created by creationists.

there was nothing biological, then biology happened

Last I checked, biology is a subject taught in schools. As for "nothing biological", there most certainly were organic components. There are organic components everywhere. In the stars, in/on other planets and various space debris.

then some biological things bumped into some more biological things and they bonded

That's what molecules do - they bond. Chemistry 101.

Then they became alive. and the cell? organism? biomass? learned how to reproduce

They didn't "learn" a damned thing. They just reproduced. Bacteria know nothing.
EDIT: Note that everything before "reproduced" is not evolution. It's abiogenesis.

then they reproduced more, then some of the cells that reproduced started to stick to each other
and made a multicellular structure.

That is one of the explanations for multicellularity, yes.

then the cells made more cells and then some of the cells became something else

If by "something else" you mean "different species", then yes. It was necessary[1] after the first great extinction event. The first lifeforms were photosynthetic, so they poisoned themselves with too much oxygen. Thankfully some were already able to use oxygen (id est: they had evolved to utilize oxygen and were probably no longer photosynthetic), so they didn't all die.

and over millions of years became a fish. then an amphibian, then a reprile, then a mammal,

That seems to be the timeline, with a few mistakes:
Reptilians were the dominant species on the planet, but they were wiped out by a cataclysmic event. Some evolved into birds, but I know of none that evolved into mammals. Mammals already existed.
Also note that fish and amphibians didn't "disappear". They also existed alongside the other species.

the whole time with no plan, no force behind it, just by doing what they do.

Pretty much.
 1. By this I do not mean that it happened because of the necessity; it was just dumb luck.
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