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I don't think you can deny that irreducible complexity exists.   It makes sense that complicated things would need the parts to be assembled at once in such a way that they work  for it to have any functionality.   A partially formed structure would have been of no use.   Evolution by natural selection working on random mutations could not have assembled all the parts at once.    It isn't logical that all these random mutations occurred in such a way to achieve something even intelligent people could not design, like an eye for vision.

So what you're saying is that light sensors, for example, in living beings only exist in the form of an eye. You'd be right, if you weren't wrong. Ever seen a sunflower? It doesn't have any eyes, yet it always faces the sun. It has sensors that, while not as advanced as an eye, can still detect sunlight pretty well.

Evolution can't explain how the first lifeform was created

You know what? Neither can the theory of gravity. I sure hope we don't all go floating off the planet! The theory of DNA replication can't explain it either! Holy shit!
All kidding aside, the reason evolution can't explain the first life form is simply because it doesn't have to. The theory of evolution concerns itself with life since the moment it first appeared. Not before.
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